1. Drayage (General) 

  • Flat fee for port congestion 

  • 3–6-month strong rate holds 

  • Custom-tailored programs that include high visibility tracking and communication. 

  • No hidden fees or accessorials. 

2. Drayage (Export) 

  • Filling the gap for Export freight 

    •  Steamship line empty container shortage. 

      • Carrier networks and relationships allow us to source containers before pickup at the port.  

3. Drayage (Import) 

  • High rate of container pickup and return to port, customers save money on demurrage /per diem 

  • Established Port and Carrier network and relationships create priority for your loads 

4. Transloading 


  • Removing from container  

  • Warehouse floor / storage 

  • Palletizing + Inventory (if needed) 

  • Loading onto final mile truck 

  • No detention on loading/unloading at our warehouses, typically within 2 hours 

  • High level communication and tracking updates—Live systems for up-to-date tracking on container location 

  • Palletizing service 

  • No hidden pallet in/out charges  

  • Inventory service and control (sku counting) -- Retail consolidation 

  • Storage + warehousing service (if needed)--  

  • Final mile planning 

5. Final Mile 

  • Consistent carrier network per lane 

  • Fixed rates 

Heat maps pie chart 

  • Ports 

  • (LAX 40% Seattle 30% /Houston 10%/Charleston 5%/Newark 10%/Miami 5%)