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Drayage Services



Drayage (General) 

  • Flat fee for port congestion 

  • 3–6-month strong rate holds 

  • Custom-tailored programs that include high visibility tracking and communication. 

  • No hidden fees or accessorials. 

Drayage (Export) 

  • Filling the gap for Export freight 

    •  Steamship line empty container shortage. 

      • Carrier networks and relationships allow us to source containers before pickup at the port.  

Drayage (Import) 

  • High rate of container pickup and return to port, customers save money on demurrage /per diem 

  • Established Port and Carrier network and relationships create priority for your loads 



  • Removing from container  

  • Warehouse floor / storage 

  • Palletizing + Inventory (if needed) 

  • Loading onto final mile truck 

  • No detention on loading/unloading at our warehouses, typically within 2 hours 

  • High level communication and tracking updates—Live systems for up-to-date tracking on container location 

  • Palletizing service 

  • No hidden pallet in/out charges  

  • Inventory service and control (sku counting) -- Retail consolidation 

  • Storage + warehousing service (if needed)--  

  • Final mile planning 

Final Mile 

  • Consistent carrier network per lane 

  • Fixed rates 

Transloading Facilities + Warehouses: 



Los Angeles 



Drayage experts have the experience and network to find capacity for your cargo - even in challenging market conditions.

Our drayage experts coordinate every move for you - from appointments to process control to invoice auditing - to ensure hassle-free convenience and world-class customer service.

Tap into one of the industry’s largest drayage networks supplemented by a coast-to-coast pool of numerous drivers to maintain your supply chain’s inbound momentum from your global supply chain. With strategic relationships and domiciled capacity near all coastal and inland port locations, our services ensure a seamless transition from entry point to your door with total visibility and control.

Our combined asset and non-asset based network of carriers provides nimble support for supply chains of all sizes from any industry with dependable drayage services at both inland and coastal port locations. With an end-to-end focus, our drayage solutions can be added to a transloading or rail service to simplify your processes and move freight to critical destinations faster.

Fusion’s established steamship relationships and technology with end-to-end visibility drive precision and speed where you need it most. We deliver real-time, 24/7 insights regarding your freight, and a dedicated account management team to serve as a single point of contact.

When you work with Fusion Transport for drayage, you get an expert team dedicated to keeping your imports and exports moving. 

Let's Work!

If you're interested in learning more about our long and short term spaces please us.

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