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Approved Walmart Third-Party Consolidator
Serving All Major U.S. Retailers Including Target,
Dollar General, Walgreens, Best Buy, Staples,
Office Depot, and CVS


For those seeking retail consolidation services, we offer a Vendor Pool Consolidation Program that includes: electronic order management, shipment planning and control, dedicated delivery schedules, and advanced technology tools for real-time reporting and metrics. Optimize your service and delivery, avoid chargebacks, and reduce your cost of transporting LTL shipments to all 42 dry Walmart Distribution Centers.


Better Alternative to LTL Carrier Network

Relative to the traditional LTL carriers, Fusion Transport’s freight consolidation service can save you money, amongst a number of other benefits including:

  • Pricing simplicity

  • Faster transit times

  • Higher service levels

  • Easier order tracking and more visibility

  • Less congestion at loading docks

  • Fewer but stronger carrier relationships

  • Less product handling, fewer touches

  • Reduced accessorial charges at consignees

  • Reduced fuel and emissions

  • More control over due dates and production schedules

Fusion Transport consolidates shipments on behalf of large, medium, and small sized companies who do not have sufficient pallet quantities to ship full truckload but want to maintain compliance with retailer shipping standards while also offering retail partners smaller and more frequent orders.

How It Works

Multiple LTL orders from single Vendor sent short distance in truckload quantity to centralized consolidation facility. (Truckload In)

Single LTL order from multiple Vendors sent longer distances in truckload quantity to retail distribution centers. (Truckload Out)

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Vendor Pool Consolidation Program Benefits

Benefits of our Vendor Pool Consolidation Program include:
  • Ability to handle global inbound supply chain for vendors in retail pooling and trans-load to distribution center level freight shipments
  • Improved MABD compliance guaranteed
  • Improved order integrity and reduced delivery exceptions including loss and damage claims
  • Reduced transportation costs and lead times
  • Improved inventory management and order planning
  • Dedicated shipping schedules
  • Gain improved, industry leading visibility and reporting through our Activeship-TMS technology

For more detailed information about Fusion Transport’s Vendor Pool Program, call our sales department at

(800) 599-2977, ext. 32 or email.

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