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Forwarding services
built for your
business needs

There are thousands of providers to choose from. Clients work with Fusion and keep working with us because of our complete dedication to seeing them succeed. We don’t just simply forward freight, we commit, get involved, strive to help your business thrive with our technology, our assets, and our passion to deliver.

At Fusion, out forwarding specialists ensure that delivery goes smoothly, arrives safely and



The right capacity and the best service with an unbeatable cost 

Take advantage of our market-leading buying power to find consistent, high-performing capacity and competitive rates with the industry’s top carriers from throughout North America.

Enhanced carrier monitoring

We ensure our truck asset light logistic provider practices meet the highest quality and safety standards with our industry-leading carrier monitoring system.

Personalized, optimized solutions 

Our thoughtful approach to truck asset light logistic strategies leverage a careful balance of national carriers and specialized, niche providers — aimed at creating the right solutions for your shipment needs. 

Our Freight Forwarding Offerings:

We take the complicated out of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. From choosing the right LTL carrier to making sure it gets to its destination on time and at the lowest cost, we’ve got your back.


The most economical mode of freight transport, providing an alternative when truckload capacity becomes an issue. All intermodal rail service is not the same, and we offer a variety of intermodal services to meet your budgetary and service requirements.

Dry Van

Being in constant demand, dry van transport is utilized to transport a wide range of freight across various distances while we maintain consistent communication with customers and secure equipment.

Refrigerated/Temperature Controlled

Food contact containers are covered or inverted while in storage to protect against

contamination from overhead structures. Our primary goal is to maintain care with the sensitive goods we transport.

Expedited/Team Driver

Expedited freight services are designed to acknowledge and prevent any potential last-minute logistics changes/challenges. 


Fusion will streamline the delivery process by doing the heavy lifting to bring more depth to your supply chain. Maintain your unique freight transport with the help of our flatbed experts.

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